A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Note: This is a on a hold. I'm currently pretty busy. Please be patient and give any possible criticism. Hope you enjoy!


spiritlesscoelum-v0.06alpha_publicbuild-linux.tar.bz2 38 MB
spiritlesscoelum-v0.06alpha_publicbuild-mac.zip 40 MB
spiritlesscoelum-v0.06alpha_publicbuild-win.zip 45 MB

Install instructions

1. Click the install button for your respective platform below.

2. Once the file is properly installed please extract the files to designated folder.

3.Then open the spiritlesscoelum.exe file. (This should start the game.)

4.  (LINUX ONLY) Open spiritlesscoelum.sh instead to start the game.

Development log

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